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3515 Montgomery St., Savannah, Georgia 31401

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Ever wonder exactly what RGB, HEX, HLS, HSV, Lab, and YUV are, what they do & when to use them? Do you know that #7E2E74, (.49, .18, 455), (126,46,116), (307.5, 46.5, 33.7), (307.5, 0.635, .494) and (33.26, 41.71, 23.16) ALL mean the same thing, but in different ways? (Blueish Magenta, btw) Come spend an hour with colorist & SCAD Chair of VSFX Gray Marshall (kinda ironic name, in this case) as he takes you inside the world of color models and demystifies the "alphabet soup" of color selection & definition.

Materials needed: Access to Photoshop or Nuke would be helpful but not required

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