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532 Indian St., Savannah, Georgia

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The ÒreimaginationÓ is grounded in what a lot of brands are having to do these days. Especially this year. They must adapt to the times by being flexible, resourceful and imaginative. Brands are having to come up with new ways to make themselves relevant in a changing worldÑto reconnect in new ways. Sometimes thatÕs a new product extension, a new service, even a new brand look and feel. And then, of course, theyÕll need new ways to advertise those, to launch them and get them out into the market, let people like you see them, experience them, buy them. ThatÕs what weÕre going to do in todayÕs engagement/workshop, and weÕre going to do it as fast as you can say ÓNew/Next Normal.Ó YouÕre going to name a product or a service and weÕll pair that with a random brand. And then weÕll ÒreimagineÓ that.

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