Hollow Construction: Jewelry Fabrication Basics

Friday, April 2, 2021 4:00pm to 6:00pm

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1 N. Fahm St., Savannah, Georgia

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Traditional hollow fabrication is a key skill for jewelers of all levels. This workshop will introduce key concepts and strategies to develop and solder hollow metal forms.

Supplies needed by participants:
Safety Glasses Jewelers sawframe, 4 throat depth 2 dozen 2/0 sawblades Center Punch Drill bit #60 Chuck key Half round hand file #2 cut Emery papers, 220, 400, 600 (2 sheets of each) Rawhide mallet (2face) Ceramic Honeycomb for soldering Handy flux (4 oz) Flux brush, like an inexpensive natural bristle Sumi brush (bamboo handle) Solder pick Hard, Medium, and Easy solder (1 foot of each) Cross locking tweezers 3X6, 20 gauge, copper sheet

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  • Andrea Ortiz

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