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1810 Bull St., Savannah, Georgia

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Energetic weekly live drawing session, drawing from student volunteers. Focus will be on character, attitude, fashion, energy and immediacy, to keep everyone looking, and reacting. Students volunteering to model will get Professor Michalowski's demonstration drawing. Dress lively, funky, fresh, and fun! Avoid black. Liven it up and wave your freak flag high! This is a high energy drawing session, with lively music to amplify this enthusiastic drawing atmosphere. Discussion on drawing, on the music, on the direction of the session is encouraged. However, the session is kept free of disruptive chit-chat, so that all can focus on energetic drawing.It's a great sketchbook opportunity. Note: No pastel and nothing messy. We must leave the classroom clean.

Materials needed: Bring your choice of materials, 18x24 newsprint paper, woodless graphite pencils, and something waxy or wet for color

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