Deconstruct to Reconstruct: Draping Workshop

Friday, January 14, 2022 1pm to 3pm

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115 W. Henry St., Savannah, Georgia 31401

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Join Professor Fleis to explore different ways of thinking about sustainability and upcycling garments by deconstructing old or used articles of clothing that may be dated or unusable to create something new and inspired for today's fashion environment. Please bring sewing supplies, rulers, and any garments [thrifted, new, or in your wardrobe] that you would like to drape with in class. Required materials: 2-3 deconstructable garments [i.e. old, thrifted, or vintage garments], scissors, seam ripper, tape measure, tailor's chalk/wax, needle, thread, sketchbook, pencil, sewing machine

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