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312 E. 37th St., Savannah, Georgia

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Attendees will use the three-chalk medium, comprised of vine charcoal, sanguine red Conte pencil, and white Conte pencil, on tan or grey Canson drawing paper to produce value, hue temperature and intensity relations toward the creation of volume and depth. 

The workshop will begin with an overview of the origins and purpose of this medium and will reference fundamental concepts such as using value for volume, local value color characteristics, planar analysis, mark-making principles, and others. The objective is to identify basic principles for the successful handling of this medium to incorporate it into every-day sketchbook practice.

Materials to bring: 

medium vine charcoal

sanguine red Conte pencil

white Conte pencil

sketchbook size tan or grey Canson drawing paper

sand paper strips

chamois cloth

kneaded eraser

two-hole pencil sharpener



Email Professors Periklis Pagratis or Adriana Burgos for more information.

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